yeah i remember

natures poetry

i live on pavement and lost this connection , but i remember it like an old song,
i cant decide which part of my life is real and which is just a dream,
which will i wake up from which will i go to

maybe if born in the city i would know its rythyms, i have heard some find
themselves in the desert or mountains and feel cold, abandoned, faced with the
infinity and indifference of nature. . .

but if the city is nature, people are ants, marvelous to watch, in their towers..

houses of stone, earth, steel is earth, caves we built, trees bones, we live in ,

in west virginia they mine coal. the man who braces the dig earns time and three quarters
because his job is more dangerous.

spam king is dead

the spam king is dead. he escaped from jail, then killed his wife and 3 yo daughter. apparently.

slashdot is full of 'good' stories. people are happy.

of course, if 'spam king' was a geek who had hacked the linux kernel, they would be 'mixed'.

oh wait, i didnt make that up. they, in fact, were. hans reiser, who killed his wife, was a linux kernel hacker, who invented a new way for the kernel to put files on disks. well, thats called a 'filesystem'. anyways. thats what he was.

slashdot, was, of course, never easy with thinking he might be guilty. even after it was revealed that there was blood all over his car, and that he took the seats out, and that she was leaving him because he was a complete jerk. no, slashdot still waited and thought there was an evil conspiracy against the poor oppressed hacker.

nothing about the poor oppressed person he killed. who cares about her. nobody, on slashdot.

now, the spam king. they hate him. they could care less if he died. why?

i dont know. apparently their spittle laced defense of free speech does not extend to spammers. you can hack the phone system, hack a bank, hack schools and cheat on your grades, hack military or government computers, maybe steal a few credit cards, certainly steal all the movies and music you want .... hey. no problem. you , in slashdots alternate reality, should even be allowed to trade pictures of murder, rape, child pornography, and so forth and so on. its all ok in the name of free speeh.

its even ok to kill your wife, according to a minority of slashdotters, judging from their posts. as long as you are kernel hacker.

but spam? oh no. kill that f@#*$@. yeah. kill him dead, then make jokes about it. glad hes dead. who cares if hes dead. etc etc etc.


this days choices

they say 'do what you love'. but if you do it too much, and 'have to', then you start to hate it.
they say 'do what you love, the money will follow' . that is a freakin lie, ive seen so many broke and broken folks with shattered dreams.

they say 'work hard and get ahead'. i seen a lot of hard workers that never got anywhere, while a lot of dummies who lick butt and play politics get promoted.

apparently 'they' dont know what the f 'they' are talking about.

dear god

i had a friend who was an atheist.
i cant find her anymore.
you would like her.