the wingnut brigade

so the house is gonna inestigate Suskinds book claims. The Habbush Letter, the feds messing with his assistant, etc.

Who is gonna do the investigatin? John Conyers, who from what I read on the Democracy Now transcript, gets flustered at simple reporter questions.

Who asked him to do the investigation? Dennis Kucinich everyones favorite weird uncle congressman, who believes in aliens, is vegan, and wants us to have a 'department of peace', and is married to someone young enough to be his daughter.

Not that I'm not weird.

I'm just sayin, I'm not hoping for much out of an investigation run or influenced by these folks. It would have about as much weight as a half-stoned indymedia rant, or dailykos blog thread, people screaming into the night about the evils of capitalism, bush, reagan, starbucks, honey, white sugar, and on and on and on.

We could use a real investigation, done by , you know, actual lawyer type people... not the peanut gallery of the house, mugging for the camera, screaming into the abyss of CSPAN, trying to show how awesome they are, hot with indignation, unrestrained by old fashioned, white male dominated capitalist values like, .... having evidence.


US: (turns off radio which is playing Volga Krunk)

Putin: takes off headphones

US: (holds out videos of tanks, guns, screaming refugees, burning buildings) Is this yours?

Putin: I... some of the guys...

US: Who taught you how to do this?

Putin: Hey its not...

US: Answer me! Who taught you how to do this stuff!

Putin: You! It was you allright? I learned it by watching you!

Georgia vs Iraq

Yes, how can we let one country invade and occupy another country, when that country has not attacked them, and when there is no meaningful evidence that the latter country is a threat to the former. That is not something that we should allow modern, civilized, nations to do...

Oh wait....