is putin lookin for WMDs in georgia?

amongst all the other stuff in The Way of the World by ron suskind, he talks about how uranium, like, high grade enriched uranium, the kind you need for a good boomb, has been smuggled from russia into the nation georgia.

this happened once, Russia said they would fix the problem.

3 years later, happened again. the same network of people did it. according t suskind .

its coming from novosibirsk in russia.


that was a few years ago.

what has happened since then?


imagine this conspiracy theory ---

one day the russians discover some MORE uranium goes missing.

maybe they know its missing from their country. or maybe they hear about it traveling through georgia. or maybe they were selling it themselves, and it got mixed up it transaction to someone they didnt want to have it. maybe it got stolen!

russia is scrambling. where the hell is the U?

Shaikashivili isnt going to do anything, he cant.

the russians go nuts. they have to find it. find it quick.
its in georgia, gotta be. just like the last two pieces from novosibirsk.


well, hey. we cant let london go up in a mushroom cloud.... we have to go in.

but we cant say 'we are looking for WMDs', not after what happened in iraq.

instead, we will say, we do it to protect the poor oppressed s ossetians.


ok its a stretch. big stretch. implausible. have no evidence whatsoever to support it.

but it might make an OK C-level action movie.

nixon and rumsfeld on the olympics


"It's like when our black athletes, I mean the Olympics, are running against the other black athletes, the Southerner may not like the black but he's for that black athlete," Nixon said.

"That's right," Rumsfeld said, according to the Tribune. "Right?" Nixon asks.

"That's for sure," Rumsfeld said, according to the Tribune.