my candidate this november: Boring Research.

i love lisanova's videos. who doesn't? they are charming, insightful, biting, witty, funny, and wonderful.

unfortunately, she has decided to become a stereotype of the 'hollywood liberal'. on a recent blogtv episode, she chatted online with her fans about obama. well not chatted, so much as preached, and tried to convert her fans to vote for obama.

why? why do supposed tolerant, liberal types try to prostletyze for political candidates? would they ever try to prostletyze for a religion? does she walk around the streets of los angeles, trying to tell people about the good news of jesus, the book of mormon, or scientology? because that is what it seems like when people try to 'convince' others who to vote for.

the kicker, though, was that she repeated several 'facts' about obama that were blatantly wrong. she said that he was raised on the south side of chicago. no, he wasnt. he moved there to be an organizer - which actually makes him seem braver than if he had been born there. it was kind of the turning point of his entire life, where he decided, after graduating from columbia university, to give up the almost certain luxury in corporate america, of his own free will, to go instead and fight for the poor in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in america. you'd think that someone who is such an Obama fan would know that.

she also says that he has been in the senate for '8 years', and voted against the iraq war.

In fact, in one of her excellent videos, Ms Nova plays a hillary supporter, and talks about Obama having been in the senate less than 2 or 3 years. You can find this video on youtube.

Is the '8 years' talking about the illinois state senate? Well, ok. I dont know if they had any votes about the war in the state senate, but anyone who watched 'Schoolhouse Rock' knows that a state senate vote on war, is, like, being a flight instructor in the alabama air national guard. it is not the 'real thing'. the 'real thing' was in october 2002, in the US senate, in washington, and Obama wasn't there, so we will never know if he would have voted for it or against it. He didn't have the same access to intelligence agencies (and their bogus information) as senators do, and he didn't have the same political pressure on him to vote one way or the other.

So what is my problem? Why am I writing so much about this? It's only a few little 'mundane details' right?

I don't know. I just hate to see Ms Nova, who to me kind of stood for the 'reality based community' (see her videos mocking P-diddy, brittney spears, hillary, herself, the 300, etc etc etc), fall into the abyss of the election cycle, and wind up just another partisan preacher, using fame to persuade people, instead of using logic and facts to inform people.

But then again, maybe -I- am the nutjob.... somehow expecting Lisa to be perfect, when she is just a normal person like everyone else. And, honestly, I know very few people who are completely above partisan hackery during the election cycle - it is almost like a virus that many of us catch, once every 2 years, in November. Do I really have to expect people to be so 'right' all the time about facts.... isnt it normal for people to get a little emotional about things and mix things up a little bit?

Well, forgive me then. But I have imperfectly posted this blog, because I want to preach about my candidate this november: her name is Boring Research. You should really go check her out, because she is better than all the other candidates, has more experience, and is not part of the (insert whichever cabal/group you dislike) that is preventing America from being great.. greater... err. yeah.

the internet archive - the archive that is not really an archive

archives, libraries, museums, what have you.

their goal is preservation. why? so that we can study the past, and hope to understand it.

take the library - it stores books, disseminating them for those who could not otherwise afford them, and also preserving them from decay and destruction.

let me compare this with the 'internet archive'. it apparently spiders the web looking for information, and storing it. but does that information last? is it really preserved?

consider the case of Rielle Hunter, John Edwards, and so forth. Hunter had a web page, called 'being is free'. The Internet Archive had that web page in its datbases... available for all... until, one day, John Edwards was caught to have had an affair with Hunter.

If you try to go to the internet archive's "archive" of Being is Free, you find that it has been 'blocked'. For what reason, exactly ? It does not say. It does not say when it was blocked, why, who, how, what, or where it was blocked. It is just, 'gone'.

Compare, if you will, with a library. Can you imagine a librarian, who is worth anything, simply decided to remove a book from a collection, because someone complained that it revealed too much personal information about them?

Ok, actually now that I think about it I can ... various libraries have restricted access to the theses of presidential candidates, like Hillary Clinton's.

On second thought, maybe the internet archive is not that much better than some of these libraries... in principle.

But something is getting my goat about this situation. What is it? Am i just mad for no reason?

I remember finding various versions of Mein Kampf at the ol' university library, back when i lived in a town that had a public university library, you know, where, you know, people were free to go in and read books without having been an alumni or paying 500 bucks a year or whatever.

Some versions of Mein Kampf include the semi-famous reference to Henry Ford, whom Hitler points out as being the only man in america who is not afraid to stand up against 'the Jews'. Perhaps referring to Fords 'Dearborn Independent' anti-semitic ranting pamphlet he published for years.

Some versions of Mein Kampf, well, they don't have this reference.

It is as though someone decided to alter Mien Kampf, for whatever reason. It could be Henry Ford people who want to make him look good, taking out the reference . Or it could be anti-Henry Ford people, who put in the reference. Im too lazy to figure out which is the real version right now, but that is not the point here.

The point is, that we have to different versions of 'reality' here. With implications for various arguments about the nature of nazism, capitalism, etc etc etc. And eventually this philosophical stuff trickles down to physical reality.

So what is the point.

the point is, that the 'internet archive', well, it is not an archive... first, because it restricts access, but secondly, because, its just too damn easy to fake it.

once you print 50,000 copies of something, it is out there. out there, and anyone might have access to it.

even in soviet russia they could not get to all the books they wanted to ban, people just hid them, exported them, or even memorized them.

in the internet, the 'archive' , there is only one point of 'failure'. things disappear, all the time, without any trace of them ever having existed. to top it all off, the 'archive' doesnt even tell you when, why, or how something was blocked. its just 'not there' mysteriously. according to the archive, youd probably never know if somenthing even existed.

once a website is published, unlike a book, it is only out there as long as soeone pays the electricity and connectivity bill. after they stop, it is as though it never existed. and if someone doesnt like what they publish, that also, can be erased, and it wil be as though it never existed.

look, go find 'kate cooties' website.. no, seriously. go find it. it is less than 10 years old. it was visited by tens of thousands of people in the late 1990s.

anyone got an archive of kate cooties website stashed on an old disk? oh wait, first of all, browsing a site doesn't 'archive' it, it only downloads certain portions, that you happen to visit. it also doesnt download the source code to everything, or if you have the wrong browser... things might not work.

have that problem with a book? maybe its the wrong language, but can you still turn the pages?

good then you have access to the information in it.

just as it was published.

is someone going to go find every copy of the book and rewrite it somehow,, so it is altered? no.

but a website? like 'being is free'? very easy, and who is to say which version is 'real'? and who is to say it existed at all?

now go find me a copy of, i dont know, say, , , , the may 1905 edition of the journal of eugenics. oh yes, that is easiy found in a number of university libraries, and through interlibrary loan, anyone can get a copy in a few days.

what can i say.

an 'archival format' that will allow politics and other bs to take things in and out of its collection is hardly an 'archive' at all. it is a pathetic shadow of what the library at alexandria was meant to be. but now we dont have to fear marauding hordes of military men, we have to fear the nature of the digital medium itself: hierarchy, centralization, lack of transparency, high costs (how much did it cost to stick the dead sea scrolls in a pot in a cave), and most of all, the ethereal nature of everything that is crated there.

ugly 2008

npr had a story today on whether or not sarah palin's daughter had a baby out of wedlock. i wanted to throw up, why is NPR wasting time with this stuff?

this thing is just getting ugly... well i remember 2004, it was ugly. there was this guy who would go around with a kid on his shoulders, and she would hold a ripped up sign, and cry... to make it look like one of the candidates supporters had attacked this little girl and torn up her sign.

there were protestor type people in the congress, building, if i am not mistaken, and some old guy grabbed this girls hair from behind...

they put up this wire mesh cage thing with razor wire and signs about 'stun guns being used' in this building in denver before the DNC. during the convention there were a bunch of protestors, including the 'code pink' people, one of whom got basically shoved to the ground by this police guy who lost his temper... then they 'grab arrested' her... a bunch of them come out through the police line, grabbed her, dragged her back through the line, and then the line closes. its a horrible tactic, it makes me ill watching it.

reminds me of the camps they set up for katrina refugees... here in oklahoma there was supposedly some crazy camp site set up, nobody ever went there, but it was like a prison. horrifying.

then again w already have 2/3 million in prison here, while other countries dont... anyways im getting far afield of the election season.

i also have heard of several incidents where radio hosts are crossing the line, and probably getting visits from the secret service... . . .

i dont think 'we' can 'win' by stooping. you might win the election but you are going to lose the fight to get things done. example... clintons won the elections, but they didnt get health care through. 8 years. no health care reform.