the daily show and hippos

'its like hungry hungry hippos, but with real hippos, and they're eating poor people'

hey kids! war is fun!

also, civilians do not exist! we can have a huge firefight in the middle of a city, and you'd never know the civilians were there.

thank you star wars for teaching our young people the value of warfare.

im a pc

i crush my competitors with illegal business practices, lies, and lobbyists.
im a mac, and i work 70 hours a week living in the factory dormitory in china
im linux, and i live in my parents basement

taxation without representation

the government is bailing out huge corporations who were too stupid to tie their own shoelaces.

this means, that the stuff the government bought... better go up in value. otherwise, the govt will have to raise taxes.

which means we will all be paying the govt and the big corporations. by force.

where is our voice in the congress and the whitehouse?

drown out by lobbyists, lobbyists for these huge corporations.

this is what they mean by 'elitist'

what they really mean, is... 'stupid'.

"Welch did not go to Harvard Business School, the birthplace of many of the men who ran the Fortune 500 during that time when he ran GE. Welch had a degree in chemical engineering and graduated from the University of Massachusetts. He added to his degrees at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, located in a town best known for its large number of fluorescent light bulb recycling locations"

Actually, UIUC is probably best known for the crew there that invented the fucking modern internet, when they created a web browser called 'Netscape Navigator', in the middle of the 1990s, when people were saying the internet was a fad. Before that, there was Mosaic (hey, also from UIUC... ) , Lynx, and.. not a whole hell of a lot else. Oh yes. Spyglass, which Microsoft screwed out of .. basically... livelihood, to make its half assed attempt called 'Internet Explorer'.

Netscape would go on to , pretty much, epitomize the dot com bursting bubble , which caused the NASDAQ to peak like the matterhorn for a really strange moment in the early 2000s.