abraham lincoln.... great?

if lincoln had lost the civil war, would he be considered so great?

but... what responsibility did he really have for winning or losing the war? wouldnt some people say it was inevitable for the north to win? or... would some people say that it was all in the military, not lincolns decisions? or...

would some say the win was an accident? that somewhere, on some alternate universe, lincoln lost...

did the war, make him great?
HIV scare puts ... school in uncertain territory


"There's potential for stigma for all students regardless of whether they're positive or negative," . . . spokesman .. . . said Thursday.

Dear Cheryl,

I thought that reports were supposed to contain the following:

and how.

so far, in this story, i only see the where.

all the rest of it is... not there. they dont know if anyone has HIV. they dont know who it is. they dont know how it might have been passed. they dont know why. etc etc etc.

shouldnt these things be .. handled more calmly?

someone is angry....

i saw a newspaper website... it had discussions posted on to it.

one said 'joe the plumber must be destroyed'.

wow. destroyed. really?



i hate elections.

today in the cafeteria

the man said 'she is a real communist liberal'

he said he had never seen so much hatred as this year in the election

i thought....

that he feels hated....

thats pretty heavy.

people are seriously hating each other. . . .

kind of hard to deny.

lot of hardness out there.

in here! of course... i am a prime culprit.

but there is this time .. .. where people were just people

when i was a child, did i understand politics

do kids i know understand it

is politics, the study of why you should hate someone?


this man said 'communist'. but what does that word mean?

do we really need to know what words mean?

do we need to think so much?

what is the position of a translator

from one language to another....

what is the position of a translator

from one pain to another
one experience to another
one life to another
one way of looking at the world to another?
one jargon to another...

every job is translation


that thing where...

i had a thought today

it was a beautiful thought

i shopped in a stupor

i came home

dragged the stairs


sat in bed

played video games

until was angry

tried to look at naked people

got bored

i forgot the thought....

or if it was really beautiful.


her new photo

i think only visit because she reminds me of.....

though i suspect it is true....

but then again, maybe it is false!

i will know, if one day, i have visited for years,

and i will not even ponder this question,

and not even notice the day that i did not ponder it,

until, maybe, years later.

otherwise, it's probably true