Rusty Limbaugh and so on

On Obama visiting Hawaii... "Why did he have to go back to Honolulu? His grandmother's not dead. She hasn't died. There was no need to rush back. I think he went back there to change is birth certificate.'"


in case you dont get it.... limbaugh has lost respect for the idea that you should go visit your dying grandparents. if he were making a joke, fine... make a joke. but he's not making a joke here! he is, like, serious!

ok then, smart guy blogger,,, why aren't you married?

uhm..... err....

overheard in line, waiting to vote

early voting, november 3, 2008.

tulsa oklahoma, usa.

'dad, is it illegal to not vote'


'then why are you doing it. its just a waste of time. you know mccain is going to win'.


'i know a guy who had an offer from blackwater. he is waiting till the election is over to see if he takes it or not'

'if you are in the military... or the veterans.... if mccain wins, its good. if obama wins... '


overheard in the pizza shop, where i went to celebrate voting.

a table of christians. one man, the elder, saying something about 'suicide' to come to oklahoma, 'id wrap his head in a turban'. 'im voting for mccain'. angrily urging young people to vote. saying how they couldnt complain if they didnt vote.

(angry, i half-considered confrontation, voted against, moved my table out of earshot. )