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Tom Coburn and Barack Obama, back when they were just lil' ol' senators, along with some other senators, passed this bill that made the gubmin't fess up t'all its goings on as far as money and such like.

Now, its the government. Well, any big corporation would have these sorts of problems. But especially the government. Don't ask me how I know. I just know. Call it 'experience'.

Ok. Type in 'Tulsa' under Recipient search. For Fiscal Year 2008.

Tulsa Community College in Oklahoma - 56 million dollars.
Tulsa Community College in California - 700 thousand dollars.

Wait. What? Theres a tulsa community college in California? Thats kind of hard, since there is no place named 'Tulsa' in California, or any other US state for that matter. The zipcode is even correct (74xxx) but the thing still says California. Hilarious.


Another fun fact. In FY 2008, Tulsa Community College got $10,000 from the Fish and Wildlife Service (part of the Department of Interior) to improve a Wildlife Habitat.

Now, I have actually worked at Tulsa Community College, and let me tell you, there are a hell of a lot more pressing needs than wildlife habitat. For example, a lot of people can't get books. Can't afford them, or the bookstore runs out. Would be nice to buy those books and put them in the library so people could just borrow them for an hour at a time or whatever.

And what exactly do they need to do to 'make' a wildlife habitat? You just put up a damn fence, there will be birds and deer and rabbits all over the place. What did they have to do, buy an organic free trade bird feeder?


Oh. Apparently, there is also a University of Tulsa in California. They got $183,000. Wow, I'm learning all sorts of interesting things on this site.

Tulsa Plastic Surgery, the Super 8 Motel, a Jeep dealer, all got loans from the Small Business Administration.

The "Community Action Project" Got 8.8 million dollars. What do they do? "CAP's strategic vision is to improve the prospects for the long-term economic success of very young, low-income children, their families and the communities in which they live." Head Start, Early Head Start, "Our program offers free vision and hearing screenings, immunizations, nutrition and mental wellness assessments, and a nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack each day." "CAP promotes neighborhood improvement and revitalization efforts through the development of affordable housing, safe communities, and resident leadership. Our housing renovation efforts target certain neighborhoods with the goal of making a visible difference and building stronger communities. In addition to our efforts to increase safe and affordable housing stock and eliminate sub-standard housing, we also frequently establish early childhood education centers in low-income and/or distressed neighborhoods. Our goal is to empower and lift entire communities out of poverty.
CAP is proud to be a NeighborWorks America organization. As a NeighborWorks organization, each year we hold NeighborWorks Week - a full week of activities designed to promote neighborhood revitalization and to show the power of community organizing. . . . Community-building events such as block parties, holiday parties, community picnics"

uhhhhhh what?

"Tulsa" gets 24 million dollars. All for section 8 housing.
While 'Tulsa Housing Authority' gets 9.9 million, some for section 8, some for not.


400,000 to help homeless children.

Homeless Children.

How did we get so many homeless children in the first place?

What do those homeless kids think of the way the 400 grand is spent on them?


Ok. So. A buttload of this money is going to housing.

But... housing... housing prices... paying rents and mortgages? or what?

to who?


there is this song named 'tecumseh valley'. it is about this girl that dies.
why does she die?

it doesn't say.

how does she die?

it doesn't say either.

what was she doing when she died?

it doesn't say that either.

well what exactly does it say then?


it says that she moved into this place called 'tecumseh valley' so she could make money to send her dad some heating coal. &c. presumably food too. or something.

then her dad dies while she is saving money. she quits her job, and then 'works in the streets'. and then she dies.


the thing is... there are different versions.

'took to working out in the streets... with all the grief inside her, was many a man who returned again to walk that road beside her'

'took to whoring out on the streets, with all the lust inside her. was many a man who returned again to lay himself beside her'

'took to whoring out in the streets, with ll the grief inside her. was many a man who returned again to lay himself beside her'.

ok... so what happened Townes?

was she a whore? was she not? what does 'walk that road beside her' mean? discuss Das Kapital while 'fellow traveling' down the boardwalk? try to flirt with her by walking on the same place, and presumably get a restraining order and stalking charge?

and... why did she die? because she was a whore and thats what whores do?

or was it just because she was depressed? was she depressed because she was a whore or because her dad died?

or was it murder, murder most foul?


i first heard this song and thought it was sad...

eventually, i decided that townes was singing the song in the voice of the psycho who murdered her. see? the psycho kills her, then writes this great song about how nice she was, and how she was bound to die. . . because she was a whore. or something.

then i dont know.

ive decided now, maybe she was just depressed because her dad died.

yeah she was a whore. but she didnt kill herself because she was a whore necessarily.

and i dont think it was murder. i think she killed herself. and she was one of these
people, who is like, really nice to other people. to the point of being, like, too nice.
to an almost self pity way. so, tecumseh valley, you all be well now. im going to off myself, but you take care of your all selves. is that sarcastic even? or sincere. . . .

what does 'ways were free' mean? she liked to have sex alot? does that mean her 'pa' raped her over and over and made her want to whore herself out ??

did her 'pa' really die? did he just have the note sent to pretend he was dead, so she would go live her own life? why?