I got taken for 30 dollars
by a pretty girl at the mall
i must have been
one of 100 customers
but i thought i was special
and was embarassed i hadn't washed my coat
if you met me
what would you think of me?
probably not much
and what could i understand?
then why do i like your poems?


There was an old chatroom on the internet. It was called #ash. 'ash' stands for alt.suicide.holiday. alt.suicide.holiday was the name of a certain 'newsgroup', from an even older section of the internet.

The point was supposedly to talk about why suicides spike during holidays. A lot of depressed people would go there. People who didn't like the #suicide channel.

There was a woman on #ash. Her name on the screen was rorie. She was involved with a married man. Then, one day, she killed herself. Or so I was told.

There weren't any stories in the paper.

One day

One day, when we have made robots, and they have made their own robots, they will come to us and ask us about this thing called poetry.

somali pirtes vs wall street pirates

somali pirates stole a 100 milion dollar tanker full of oil

wall street has taken 700,000 million dollars of our tax money

somali pirates have stolen a few dozen boats

wall street has stolen millions of dreams