'it could damage the economy'

"Mrs Rimmer told the coroner, a doctor had told her Vicky had spongiform encephalopathies.

Not sure what it meant, she told Vicky's GP who said: "That's mad cow disease."

When she pressed doctors at the hospital, she said she was told not to go to the press as it "could damage the economy"."


I forget the title...

"That with inflation we are getting less advance now, when you factor in the inflation factor, we're getting less money per novel than we did in 1950, I mean, what we could buy with what we got then. We could buy more than what we get now. Doubleday went up to 3,000 dollars advance for me on my new book, I forget the title - A Scanner Darkly"


He goes on to talk about Judy-Lyn Del Ray, what a geat editor she was, how she taught him to write, and how other 'editors' just let him write whatever came out of his head, and his stories didn't make any sense. That Scanner Darkly is good, because of Judy-Lyn Del Ray.

Today's reading

1. They are going over every ballot... it is happening in the state of Minnesota, which is cold and to the north. I have not been there. But I would like to. Step out amongst the frozen plains, that stretch forever, huge, large counties, squares on a map, vast tracts bigger than entire countries, silence, darkness, the stillness of frozen nights and quiet... Canada and Minnesota... I had something to say about the ballots but I don't care anymore.

2. The history of Jews in Germany.

This is frightening. If I were an alien species and read the history of the Earth, I would be inclined to feel about people the way people feel about chimpanzees or lions when they learn about infanticide and cannibalism.

The 'volks movement' is particularly disturbing, because it is half a step away from hippie-dom. That is not so unusual I suppose. I read many old books, magazines, and such, where 'eccentrics' gather, and you can find all sorts of unusual ideas butting up against one another, and strange things in common between people. Im talking about Mother Earth News for example.

The other disturbing thing is how many crackpots were involved in the 'movement', and how their strange ideas became 'mainstream'.

It would be as though, people who make infomercials suddenly got posted to the President's cabinet. The guy who sells infinite-life rings on his website for 19.95.... guys who think Art Bell is too hard on his guests... Alex Jones... cult leaders, the Sea Org people, ... if they got to run the government... or if their ideas formed the basis of others who came to run it...