three days ago i wrote a new article on wikipedia.

today, it is the third hit on google.

and if i wanted to lie?

What i learned on slashdot today

1. 'they' care more about 'killing jews' than 'feeding their children'.

2. the 'zionist friendly media' is 'covering up' 'israel''s human rights violations

a note to the reader: this is a sarcastic post. i found these statements to be... simultaneously idiotic, and fascinating. how do people come up with this stuff? why do they write it? do i ever say things this dumb? why? when? how? where? what for?

Sanitized for your protection

Some German - English dicionaries are rather useless if you are researching the holocaust.

Why? They have 'purged' themselves of any of the words of Nazism... Obergruppenfuhrer,
Oberabschnitt, Orstgroup, and so forth, return 'no hits'.

As if those words never existed.

Ads by Google

I was reading about Hitler during World War I.
A history, written by a scholar, appeared.. and
next to it, in the left hand of my screen, filling
a column, I was being advised, to go shopping, and
that I could find Great Deals, on Germany's Black Holocaust.

milgram repeated...

the milgram experiment has been repeated... again it is not ethical.
it is less unethical than the first... but it is still not... ethical.

what do the reports say about it?

they scream the 'results' of the new study....

the unethical, decrying a lack of ethics....