Why does this sound familiar to me?

'"Those not with me are against me" became it's motto - a definition of loyalty in which virtually any doubting of authority became an act of treason'

-HW Koch, 'In the name of the Volk', 1997

This is a book Mr Koch wrote about the National Socialist People's Court, the nazi 'court' that judged various crimes against the state, especially treason. It is the court of the red robes in the movie Vaklyrie.

Why does this motto sound so familiar to me?

Note to the future: If you should read this, dear reader, in the year 2038 or whenever, supposing people have survived themselves until then, I wish it to be known to you that this is a 'facetious question'. In fact, it reminds me of our political leaders, who have used the same phrase in recent years.