the google why game

From google:

Type in 'why do ' and see what other people have been searching for. At first glance, this is an incredibly sad statement on the nature of the human mind, since these searches are the 'most popular' and indicate what most people are looking for on the internet. On the other hand, I also find it hilarious. So here are a few samples.

why do indians worship cows
why do black people say ax instead of ask
why do black men have big willies
why do white people love wayne brady
why do white people act black
why do puerto ricans act black
why do puerto ricans like betty boop
why do women have breasts
why do men like breasts
why do british people have bad teeth
why do irish people drink so much
why do irish men wear kilts
why do russians wear tracksuits
why do french people smell / eat snails
why do spanish men like white women
why do spanish stop signs say alto ( lol.. simple yet profound..)
why do mexican women shave their eyebrows
why do rednecks like nascar
why do liberals drive subarus
why do african women have big bums
why do chinese people have bad breath
why do japanese men look like women
why do italians talk with their hands
why do italians wear gold chains
why does new jersey smell
why are americans so stupid / fat / ignorant

And, funnily enough, there are some questions that are asked about almost every group... for example:

why do ethnic_x men/women like ethnic_y women/men
why do ethnic_x men cheat
why do ethnic_x smell bad
why do ethnic_x hate america
why did ethnic_x come to america

So... in conclusion, here are a few 'universals' we can learn about the human condition. Apparently, no matter what race, creed, or color, we all:

1. smell bad
2. hate america
3. want to come to america
4. and cheat
5. preferably with people of another ethnic group