The Google Why Game, part 2

A new and updated version of the Google Why Game, wherein we probe the deep and penetrating questions that are on the minds of the human species, revealed as per the google search engine, which pre-fills your results with what other people have been asking most often.

The game is as follows: you go to google and start typing in 'why do xxxxx', where x is some ethnicity or nationality, such as french, or white, or japanese. Then you are presented with the 'google suggestions', based on what most other people have searched for in the past.

This provides some rather sad and depressing insight into the human mind. However, it can also be entertaining.

Previously, I had done this with 'why do ____ people____'. But now, let us try out 'why are' instead of 'why do'. Fascinating that these small three and two letters can make so much difference! ! ! Or... can they?

Let us begin.

why are white people so hairy?
why are white people so corny?
why are white people so white?
why are white people so weird?
why are white people so loud?
why are black people so loud? (apparently, all people are "so loud")
why are black people black?
why are french people called peppers? (they are?)
why are german words so long?
why are germans called square heads? (again.. i am learning all kinds of new things here...)
why are irish people so ugly, stupid, alcoholic, and lucky? (a contradiction... yes?)
why are mexicans so perverted?
why are spanish women so hot?
why are spanish men the best lovers?
why are russians so good at chess?
why are asian women bad drivers?
why are asians so good at everything? (again with the contradictions...)
why are indians so obsessed with fairness?
why are canadians afraid of the dark?
why are americans afraid of dragons?
why are brazilian women so curvy?
why are pakistanis scared of dogs?
why are catholics not christians? (again, my mind is blown)
why are protestants wrong? (hmm... see above)
why are jewish girls so hot / why are jewish women so ugly? (dont know what to say... the mind boggles)
why are japanese women pigeon toed? (???)
why are japanese men so perverted? (now.. just because they like pigeon toed women...)
why are koreans so good at starcraft?

annnnd the ones that pop up over and over and over again, regardless of the group asked about:

why are xxxx people so ugly?
why are xxxx people so smelly?
why are xxxx people so dirty?
why are xxxx people so racist?
why are xxxx people arrogant?
why are xxxx people so hot?

So there you have it folks.

It is pretty universal across all races and nations, that we are all smelly, rude, arrogant, racist, and hot. All at the same time. Apparently.

the different versions of wikipedia

each language has it's own wikipedia. english is russian is at (called википедя - vikipedya). in german,

they arent automatically translated. people who speak a certain language will just edit articles on that language's wikipedia.

so... sometimes you will wind up with an article on one language wikipedia that is different from the same article on another language's wikipedia.

there are a lot of these out there.... but here is one i found today...

Pavlov's House. Dom Pavlova (Дом Павлова). It is regarding the horrific Battle of Stalingrad (dead.. >1 million souls) of 1942/43. Dom Pavlova was a house in Stalingrad. It was taken by a few Soviets and used as a fortress. For weeks on end, they defended it, while the Germans tried to destroy it. Over and over again the Germans attacked, and over and over again the Soviets repelled the attack. By the end, the house was a burned out, bombed out ramshackle, but still standing. It became something to rally around, and a propaganda symbol used by the Soviet government to inspire.

And so people have written about it on wikipedia. But on Russian wikipedia they have written slightly different things about it than they have on English wikipedia.

Russian Wikipedia:

The russian version talks about how Russian Channel 1 did a documentary... showing that

1. one of the Pavlov House defenders wound up defecting to the Germans
2. Pavlov himself got special awards and medals, but none of the other people defending the house did
3. One of the defenders was a Kalmyk. The Kalmyks suffered from the massive 'ethnic cleansing' the Soviet Union did after the war. The Kalmyk man was removed from the official list of defenders.
4. The defenders list also did not list a Nurse and some other people who were there.

The English (ie, American) Wikipedia:

1. Doesn't mention any of this stuff about the documentary

2. Has a section on "Pavlov's house in fiction". It mentions several video games that Pavlov's House appears in.


I also found some people on message boards... talking about... well... "Yes I remember the house from the game... I did't know it was a real place".