Raj Patel

Mr Raj Patel has been hitting the ol' book circuit with The Value of Nothing. What if you want to email him? His email address is not listed on his new sites. This is not necessarily a huge problem. Famous academic people start out as non-famous. Non-famous people put their email addresses on things, so that they can get famous. So, to find the email address of a famous person, just go and find something they wrote in the past, before they were famous. Chances are good they slapped their email address on it.

This trick worked pretty well for Mr Patel, as I found on his website a list of his academic writings of the past. One in particular is named 'Explorations on Human Rights' from the journal entitled 'Feminist Economics' (2007 Jan, vol 13 no 1, pg 87-116). At the end of this article Mr Patel has written his email, from when he was associated with the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

It was an address at voiceoftheturtle.org

Fine... so what is voice of the turtle.org?

Err... ahem. Their front page has a quote from 'Comrade Stalin' talking about smashing the bourgeoise. It also has Pooh Bear stories rewritten to where Tigger is a 'reactionary' or something.

Is it some kinda joke? It reads like some kind of college prank site. I don't know.

I don't know.