PRMan of Slashdot and the mortgage crisis

In the article entitled 'Horizontal Scaling of SQL Databases?' on slashdot, a commenter described his experience at two different mortgage giants.

"they couldn't run a required government report breaking down their fee codes because it would time out " ... he fixed it in less than an hour.

At "one of the country's largest mortgage companies with tens of millions of records in the database." He fixed things that "should have been brain-dead obvious to anyone with a few years of SQL experience."

Link is here


So I was rummaging around in the FEC database (Federal Election Commission) doing some random searches for PACs (political action committees.. groups that organize to give money to politicians).

There were a lot of ordinary ones, the 'XYZ Corporation PAC', or the 'Democrats for good government PAC', the usual.

Then there was one called 'INHUMANITY CHILD ABUSE CHRISTIANITY CAPITALISM'. That is the name of the PAC. No 'Friends of Joe Q Public', no 'Foundation for a Better America PAC', no 'Conservatives for the Future of America PAC'. No. Just 'INHUMANITY CHILD ABUSE CHRISTIANITY CAPITALISM'. That's the name.

It is apparently the PAC of a woman named Sandra Queen Noble, who apparently ran for president.

If you google her name, you will find some very interesting articles. Well, I find them interesting.

For instance, NBC Washington has posted a video interview of when she was running for the House of Reprsentatives, and it also provides us with a link to her $994 trillion dollar lawsuit against 'Stolen United States of America et. al'. Click here if you wish to learn more.

I do not know what to say. Except that I wish her good luck.


In 'Greetings from Afghanistan' Benjamin Tupper describes a veteran who is drunkenly throwing concrete blocks down on cars from the top of a parking garage. He understands the feeling, he says, comparing it to King Kong, an 'animal' feeling of one who has 'outgrown that cage', throwing 'angst' on the 'confused civilians'.

I couldn't help but think of the Freikorps in the Baltic, nihilistic, burning down the 'burgerlich tablets' and laws of the civilized world, as they retreated from the Baltic, in the early 1920s. They are described by Robert G.L. Waite in Vanguards of Nazism, but it has nothing to do with Nazism, imho it is something to do with the human condition.

And I thought of my grandfather, who couldn't settle down after he came back from a war, and was in fights, and trouble too. i did not know him. but i heard stories.