Please Recycle this wrapper for wood you will needlessly burn

At Whole Foods they sell 'Alder Planks'. What is an alder plank? Alder planks, on closer reading, are pieces of wood you put in a grill and put your salmon on. Then they smoke and flavor the salmon. These two pieces, 10x5 inches or so, are good for Three Uses.

There is a smiling white blond lady on the cover with a big curly signature. From these two facts I can glean that she is an expert at something, and by purchasing this product, some of her magic will rub off on me.

So you can burn charcoal briquettes, lit with fluid and matches, take some salmon from 2,000 miles away, burn wood for smoke flavor purposes. At least you recycled the paper label?

fascinating treason

"Wikileaks, while treasonous, is fascinating reading. It is not very comforting to know that utter morons are in control of the diplomatic efforts of many countries"

Joe Doakes