Google Why Game - French edition

Previously, the Google Why Game was played, but limited to English google. In it, we learned that some of the most common questions typed into google (and let us remember Socrates, who said the unexamined life is not worth living), involve things such as 'why do Russian people wear track suits', 'why are white people so corny', etc.

But what do we see when we expand our horizons? With a little help from, we can find out.

How about French google at Type in Pourquoi and we get...

Pourquoi les hommes n'écoutent jamais rien et les femmes ne savent pas lire les cartes routières?
(Why do men never listen, and women don't know how to read a map?)
Pourquoi les hommes adorent les chieuses?
(Why do men love the pain in the ass?)
pourquoi les hommes mentent aux femmes?
(Why do men lie to women?)
pourquoi les femmes juives portent des perruques?
(Why do Jewish women wear wigs?)
pourquoi les américains ont les dents blanches?
(Why do Americans have white teeth?)
pourquoi les américains sont gros?
(Why are Americans fat?)
pourquoi les allemands....
(Why do Germans...)
note: every last question that french people ask about germans revolves around war...
pourquoi les noirs parlent forte
(Why do black people talk loud?) ... just like English google!
pourquoi les blancs ne savent pas danser
(Why white people don't know how to dance?)
pourquoi les blondes sont betes
(Why are blondes monsters?) .. maybe b/c of all the lying, cheating men?
pourquoi les chinois crachent?
(Why do Chinese people spit?) wtf?
pourquoi les japonaises ont les jambes arquées
(Why are Japanese people bowlegged)
pourquoi les blagues sur chuck norris
(Why are there jokes about Chuck Norris?)

And a few in common
pourquoi les hommes/femmes trompent?
(Why do men/women cheat?)

Fun fact: apparently France also has 'blonde jokes'.

And special winners, which have nothing to do with people, but I thought were nice:
Pourquoi le ciel est bleu?
(Why is the sky blue?)
pourquoi les étoiles brillent
(Why do the stars shine?)

I guess we are not completely lost as a species, if people take time out to ask the important stuff.


"I do not trust that any journalist ever truly captures the essence of the person or their story, and it is all filtered through someone else's lens"

Erin Callan (via, p. sellers)


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