ching chong ling long ting tong - translation

Jimmy Wong has given us a musical translation of Ching Chong, Ling Long, Ting Tong.

Link to youtube video

Ching Chong - I love you

Ling Long - I really want you

Ting Tong - you'll just have to watch the video

Where in the world is Ron Ridenhour?

Ron Ridenhour is the only reason you have ever heard of the My Lai Massacre.

I went searching government websites to find a free picture to paste on his wikipedia article.

So I fire up 'Google Image Search', which only searches pictures, not ordinary web pages.

.gov has a few pages on him. Only one picture. But it is from the AP. So it's not free. Oh well.

How about .mil? The domain of military websites?

Google tells me this:

"Your search - ron ridenhour - did not match any documents."

Hrm. I guess they just never got around to posting a picture of the guy on any of their websites.

Ain't that a trip?

I know. Let's try other countries. Surely, Russia, the Wizard behind the Vietnam Curtain, is full of Ridenhour memorabilia.

Google Image Search: Ron Ridenhour

Nothing. Apparently Ridenhour is somehow connected to rap groups and pop stars.

OK, well Russia is not communist anymore. I can understand how they have let such things slide into history.

What about Cuba?

Hrm. Nothing. My Lai pictures.

OK. OK. Cuba is on the other half of the Earth after all.

So.. China?

Google Image Search: Ron Ridenhour

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zippo. Butkus. Zero. Goose Egg. O. The Big O. The Big Nothing.

OK. ok.

Whats the biggest, most left wing hippie country you can think of? Who wants to scream about My Lai from the top of the roofs? To bring down the imperialists of the USA?


Google Image Search: Ron Ridenhour

Nothing. A few shots of My Lai. Nothing of Ridenhour. Not a single belly scratch.

Germany? Ron Ridenhour

Yes. Its that same AP Images pic you get from .gov. The same one that the army has in a booklet PDF file, without attributing it to AP right on the image itself.

OK. I just ill just get crazy now. (Brazil) (???) (belgium)

Nothing!!!! Nothing. Nothing.

Ah well. Ah well.