Support The Troops, early 1800s

"The causes had been found for that unbelievable, unheard-of, and impossible event of a Russian defeat, and everything became clear, and in all corners of Moscow the same things were said. These causes were: the treachery of the Austrians, the bad provisioning of the troops, the treachery of the Pole Przebyszewski and the Frenchman Langeron, the inability of Kutuzov, and (in a low voice) the youth and inexperience of the sovereign, who had trusted bad and worthless people. But the troops, the Russian troops, everytone said, were extraordinary and had performed miracles of courage."

War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy, translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky, Knopf, 2007

--- update. 2012.

'Following the battle, the US Central Command conducted an investigation on what had occurred, led by US Army General Guy Swan. The report, released to the public in June 2011, concluded "inadequate measures taken by the chain of command" facilitated the attack, but praised the troops fighting at the base for repulsing the attack "with conspicuous gallantry, courage and bravery."[10]'

From the "Battle of Kamdesh", Wikipedia, partly quoting Yaroslav Trofimov, Fault Found in Outpost's Fall, Feb 6, 2010, Wall Street Journal.

Insane people's blogs

I stumbled across . It is extremely disturbing, so I suggest any readers not go there.

I used to have a blog post here about it, but then she found this blog and started posting insane replies. So I deleted everything.

I hope she gets help or whatever. Probably won't. But my writing about her writing was obviously not part of the healing process. So it's gone.

A quiet, impressive statement


"Da steht im Wald geschrieben
Ein stilles, ernstes Wort
Von rechtem Tun und Lieben,
Und was des Menschen Hort.
Ich habe treu geselen
Die Worte, schlicht und wahr,
Und durch mein ganzes Wese
Ward's unausprechlich klar."

It is written in the forest,
A quiet, impressive statement
Of how to live and love aright
and what man's treasure is.
I have carefully read
These words, simple and true,
And throughout my whole being
What they say became ineffably clear

from Abschied (Farewell), by Joseph von Eichendorff, from the Penguin Book of German Verse, Edited and translated by Leonard Forster, 1957, pg. 311. translation modified with Google Translate.

A period of stagnation

"I was stunned by a historian’s interpretation of the reign of Fyodor as a period of stagnation. I thought to myself: so, when people have children, grow crops and live without turbulence – that is a period of stagnation. So by contrast, the strife, blood-letting and perfidy under Ivan the Terrible and Boris Godunov constitute real life?"

Viktor Sukhorukov: We like to live in smoke, Novaya Gazeta, 08.09.2011