The Machines

"Mike check

I'm Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks

I have an announcement.

Tonight we're going to start a fight to take back our democracy.

Our politicians are bought. Who bought them? Who bought them?

The corporations did.

Corporations are not immoral. They have no morality.

Corporations are profit making machines.

We must not let the machines take over our government.

In this fight, we need leaders, we need organizers, we need you.

We want an army to fight for an amendment to declare corporations are not people.

They can no longer buy our politicians.

We want to occupy the states to demand that the states call for a Constitutional Convention.

Please help us fight the machines.

Tonight the battle is joined. From now on, they're not coming for us; we're coming for them.

If you wanna help, go to, new website,

We named it Wolf PAC, because we're coming for em. Join us; united, we are too strong.

Thank you for coming. I love all of you, that came from so far, that endured so much.

There is hope. We can fight back. We will fight back. And we will win. "

-at Occupy Wall Street. Oct 19 2011