"Youth in Bamiyan took out a sympathy rally for the victims of Japan quake today in Bamiyan, Afghanistan. Many youth marched to the top hill in front of the destroyed Buddha statues and held banners with words of condolence and sympathy messages for the people of Japan and silence for the victims earthquake and tsunami."

-Hazaristan Times, Editor, March 14, 2011

"According to human rights reports, [the Taliban] executed 176 men in reprisal for having risen agains their Pushtun occupiers. In early summer 2001, the Hazaras again took Yakaolang only to see it fall five days later. Fighting continued, and the Taliban were forced to retreat again. As they left, however, they adopted a 'scorched earth' approach by burning over four thousands houses, shops, and public buildings."

-Edward Girardet, Killing the Cranes, pub. Chelsea Green 2011, p 324