Five shot in possible US hate crimes

Five shot in possible US hate crimes

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So they are talking about this insane guy in a white pickup truck driving around North Tulsa murdering people. The national media has gotten hold of it.

It's funny how some murders are more important than others. A few months back, two kids from Iowa had moved to Tulsa, one to attend a bible college. They were walking through a park on the East side and they got shot to death by a few other kids. Didn't make national news, but I have been through that park many a time. It always had a bad vibe. One day I found the smoking, blackened carcass of a backpack. Silence, no people, no nothing. Just this burned up backpack, sitting in the middle of the bike trail. The murders made my news, as in "never go in that park again".

A few years before that, someone got murdered in front of a late-night fast food place. People stepped over the body to get their orders while the police tried to figure out what the hell was going on. Fast food is not a good business to be in in Tulsa, nor are gas stations. People get shot on a regular basis working in these fields of endeavor.

Recently some old folks have been getting murdered inside their homes during robberies. And then there was an arson during the power-outage a while back. And ...

Well, you get the picture.

The ultimate murder, though, was back in 1921. It was not just one, it was somewhere between 100 and 300, give or take. Those several hundred murders never got solved. Actually, they never even got investigated. They were accompanied by several dozen acts of terrorism, such as the destruction of homes and businesses. Those crimes never got investigated either.

They called it a 'race riot'. I guess that means there was no terrorism, and no murder. There weren't 300 individual murders. The pillars of one part of the community didn't grab their guns and their fighting experience gained in the trenches of World War I, and go and mass slaughter the pillars of another part of the community. When some unknown, unnamed man with a gun systematically chased down and murdered multiple people in 1921, that was not a 'serial killer'. It also wasn't a "hate crime". They called, and still call it, a "race riot".

I guess in the late 1990s, when the city payed our tax dollars to some kind of analysts, and researchers, and they concluded that we needed to 'move on', but not pay 'reparations', and not find any specific people guilty of the murders, then, well, I guess that wasn't really a "murder investigation" either. Perhaps it slipped their mind - those dead bodies piled somewhere, one after another, limbs blown off, carcasses rotting in the sun.

You know, most people who commit mass murder, well, they keep trophies. Some of them keep diaries. Their wives and children keep memories. Where did daddy go that night in the car, with his friends, loaded up with rifles pointing skyward? What is in that trunk in the attic, that mother never brought down to look at?

Somewhere in some media office in New York, or Los Angeles, someone with a lot of experience and education is saying to someone else that they need to "go with the Tulsa hate crime thing". The 2012 story might last a day, it might last two days. Depends on what happens elsewhere in media land. But hey, mabye 5 dead. Right? That's more than a hat trick. Definitely qualifies as a "spree", although probably not sufficient to use the word "mass". But hey. Let's not be cynical. Maybe the media focus will help catch a killer.

Well, I wish them luck. When they find this guy with a white pickup who goes around murdering people, and they convict him... there's a few hundred more cases they could work on.

The Force of Life

Photo of Daffodils and Razor wire, by user 'krymov' at

The author has entitled it "Сила жизни", which google translate says is "The Force of Life".

Apparently, Krymov also has old pictures from a soldier stationed at Asadabad, Afghanistan, during the Soviet Afghan War.